Collection: Katanas

Raikou Select - Exquisite Handmade Japanese Katana Collection

Introducing the Raikou Select Collection, where master swordsmiths forge breathtaking Japanese katanas, imbued with tradition, artistry, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Our collection showcases the finest creations of renowned sword makers, offering an extraordinary blend of beauty and functionality.

Discover our exceptional offerings:

  1. Hidetada Takaha - A promising young swordsmith from Seki-shi, Gifu Prefecture, Hidetada's 2018 katana features a bloodline on both edges, pure silk Adzuki-colored handle wrapping, and iron-plated silver sword guard. Each blade is one of a kind, and its authenticity is backed by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan.
  2. Akamatsu Tarou - A master swordsmith from Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture, known for his award-winning creations. His shining blade boasts a bloodline on both sides, a black silk-wrapped handle, and an iron lion-depicting sword guard.
  3. Muneshige Chikushu - A first prize Gold Medal winner from Fukuoka Prefecture, his ornamental katana is adorned with a gold inlet dragon scabbard and finely woven golden silk handle.
  4. Kunihiko Ogawa - A National Living Treasure from Gifu, Japan, his unauthenticated Touran Blade represents the crashing ocean waves. The scabbard features the Nashiji lacquering technique, a Chrysanthemum and Paulownia-shaped handguard, and a fine black silk handle.

Experience the Raikou Select Collection and own a piece of Japanese katana history, crafted by the most skilled swordsmiths of our time. Shop now and bring the unparalleled beauty and tradition of Japanese katanas into your life.

katana in protective case sitting on japanese style cloth in traditional tatami room with sakura in the background