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Unnamed Chikuzen Fukuoka Moritsugu Katana: Edo Period Masterpiece | Raikou Select

Unnamed Chikuzen Fukuoka Moritsugu Katana: Edo Period Masterpiece | Raikou Select

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Unnamed Ridge Line Blade

Discover the Mumei (attributed to Chikuzen Fukuoka Moritsugu) Katana, a remarkable piece of Japanese sword craftsmanship from the Edo period (late 17th century) that remains unnamed. Measuring 54.2 cm (1 shaku 8 sun) in length with a 1.5 cm curvature, this stunning sword features a single mekugi-ana (peg hole) and a well-defined shinogi-zukuri blade with Iori-mune.

The hada (grain pattern) of the blade exhibits a tight masame pattern, and the hamon (temper line) displays a wide choji-midare pattern. The boshi (sword tip) showcases a chaotic pattern that turns back. The nakago (tang) is left unshortened and has no hi (groove).

This katana is accompanied by an NPO Nihon Token Hozon Kai (Japanese Sword Preservation Society) certification. The external fittings include a genuine silk black tsukamaki (handle wrap) and a black lacquered scabbard with small ornaments. The tsuba (sword guard) features a gold-colored monkey design, the fuchi-kashira (end cap and hilt collar) displays a gold-colored butterfly and plant motif, and the menuki (handle ornaments) are made of shakudo (copper alloy) with an animal motif.

When unsheathed, the sword weighs 600g, and the handle length is approx. 20.6 cm. Add this exquisite katana to your collection and embrace the rich history of Japanese sword artistry.

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