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Imai Takeshige Showa Era Authentic Japanese Katana | Raikou Select

Imai Takeshige Showa Era Authentic Japanese Katana | Raikou Select

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Motosada Showa Era Authentic Japanese Katana

Experience the grandeur of Japanese history and artistry with the Imai Takeshige Showa Era Katana. This authentic Japanese sword is a masterpiece crafted by the first-generation swordsmith Takeshige, renowned for his exceptional sword making skills honed under Yoshimune Takahashi.

This katana, with a blade length of 67.4 cm and a subtle curvature of 1.9 cm, features a Shinogi-zukuri shape with Iori-mune and a refined Ko-itame grain pattern. The blade is adorned with a Gunome midare Hamon mixed with pointed patterns and includes a unique carving of a bar groove on both sides, rounded at the top.

The handle, wrapped in gold brown twisted pure silk and completed with a red copper Menuki ornament displaying a gold-colored image of Zhuge Liang also known as Kongming, a brilliant strategist and military engineer, enhances the overall aesthetics of this piece. The sheath, painted in brown pear skin, houses the katana securely, adding an extra layer of charm to this historical weapon.

The Imai Takeshige Showa Era Katana is slightly heavier than those typically used for Iai, making it an excellent choice for ornamental purposes and for those who appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship of Japanese swordsmiths.

This katana, certified by the NPO Nihon Bijutsu Tōken Hozon Kyōkai, is a remarkable addition to any Japanese sword collection.

Feature Description
Sword Length 67.4 cm (2 shaku 2 sun 2 bu)
Curvature 1.9 cm (6 bu 2 rin)
Mekugi-ana (peg hole) 1
Motohaba (blade width at the base) 35.0 mm
Motokasane (blade thickness at the base) 7.0 mm
Sakihaba (blade width at the tip) 20.7 mm
Sakikasane (blade thickness at the tip) 5.4 mm
Shape Shinogi-zukuri (ridge line), Iori-mune (peaked roof spine)
Jihada (grain pattern) Ko-itame hada (small wood grain folding pattern)
Hamon (blade pattern) Gunome midare, mixed with pointed Hamon (rounded tempered edge with an irregular design)
Boshi (temper line on the tip) Midare-komi, swept and turned back
Nakago (tang) Unshortened
Horimono (carving) Bar groove on both sides, rounded at the top
Period Early Showa
Origin Ehime Prefecture, Japan
Certification Nihon Bijutsu Tōken Hozon Kyōkai
Exterior Gold brown twisted pure silk wrapping/Brown pear skin painted sheath
Tsuba (hand guard) Iron with Nanban style
Menuki (handle ornaments) Red-copper with gold-emblazoned sculpture
Weight when drawn from the sheath 940 g
Handle Length 8 0

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