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Yabushita Yoshimitsu's Work: A Masterpiece from the Showa Era | Raikou Select

Yabushita Yoshimitsu's Work: A Masterpiece from the Showa Era | Raikou Select

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Authentic Unnamed Katana: Exquisite Japanese Sword with Elegant Fittings

Yabushita Yoshimitsu, whose real name is Yabushita Fujio, is listed in the Seki Swordsmith Registry, with his registration dating back to Showa 15 (1940). While his swords crafted during World War II occasionally surface, none have been found from the post-war period, leading to the belief that he retired from swordsmithing after the war. Although the exact year of this sword's creation remains unknown, considering the swordsmith's history, it is likely to have been made during World War II.

Given its length and lack of a groove (hi), this is a relatively lightweight piece. It could be used for drawing practice as is, or a groove could be added to make it suitable for Iai practice. The overall sword has some light rust, so we recommend having it polished. The sword's dimensions are as follows: Length: 68.5 cm, curvature: 1.8 cm, two peg holes, blade width at base: 30.5 mm, blade thickness at base: 4.3 mm, blade width at tip: 21.2 mm, and blade thickness at tip: 4.0 mm.

The blade is of the ridge line (shinogi-zukuri) style with an roof peaked spine (iori-mune), featuring a straight grain pattern (hada). The temper line (hamon) has a subtle, mist-like appearance (nioi-deki style) with an irregular pointed temper line (gunome midare pattern). The temper line tip or boshi enters straight and returns shallowly in a medium round shape. The tang (nakago) is original and unaltered (ubu) with no engravings or grooves. The sword was made during the modern Showa era in Gifu Prefecture.

The sword's external fittings include a pure silk dark reddish-brown (adzuki) itomaki (itomaki refers to the wrapping style used to secure the cord to the handle) handle wrap and a lacquered isogusa (a kind of sea grass style) scabbard or saya in Japanese. The handguard (tsuba) is made of iron with a gold-colored aoiumon design (a kind of hollyhock leaf), and the fittings on either side of the handle (fuchigashira) features are made from buffalo horn and engraved with a brass chrysanthemum pattern. The small ornaments placed under the handle wrap (menuki) use a copper shrimp motif. When unsheathed, the sword weighs 915g, and the handle length is 7 sun 8 bu (approx. 23.6 cm).

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