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Motosada Showa Era Authentic Japanese Katana | Raikou Select

Motosada Showa Era Authentic Japanese Katana | Raikou Select

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Motosada Showa Era Authentic Japanese Katana

Experience a touch of Japanese history and artistry with the Raikou Motosada Showa Era Katana. This authentic Japanese sword is a masterwork by renowned swordsmith Motosada, known for his exquisite military Showa swords. While it doesn't bear the typical inspection stamp, which only adds to its unique charm, it's believed to be a piece crafted in the pre-inspection era or not stamped due to special circumstances.

This katana showcases an impressive length of 68.8 cm with a subtle curvature of 1.0 cm. The blade possesses an admirable Shinogi-zukuri shape with Iori-mune and a sleek Muji-style grain pattern, adorned with a straight Hamon featuring small interlocking circles.

Although the original military fittings are missing, it comes with tasteful half-length katana fittings. The sheath is artfully covered in a brown fabric adorned with an elegant butterfly motif, adding a fashionable touch to this historical piece. The iron Tsuba features a wood grain pattern in the unique mokko shape, complemented by vine pattern fittings and brass handle ornaments bearing a wave and carp design.

This katana, weighing in at 1000g when drawn from its sheath, is recommended for decorative purposes, providing a sophisticated Japanese aesthetic to any space.

Feature Description
Sword Length 68.8 cm
Curvature 1.0 cm
Blade Shape Shinogi-zukuri with Iori-mune
Grain Pattern Muji-style
Blade Pattern Straight with small interlocking circles
Tang Unshortened
Carving None
Period Modern (Showa)
Origin Gifu Prefecture, Japan
Weight 1000 g (when drawn from the sheath)
Handle Length 8 5
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