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Authentic Kenmato Fukuda Kenjō Katana: Prewar Japanese Sword with Modern Scabbard and Exquisite Craftsmanship

Authentic Kenmato Fukuda Kenjō Katana: Prewar Japanese Sword with Modern Scabbard and Exquisite Craftsmanship

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Authentic Japanese Katana: Prewar Swordsmith Kenmato Fukuda Kenjō

Experience the remarkable artistry of prewar swordsmith Kenmato Fukuda Kenjō (real name: Fukuda Jūtarō) with this genuine Japanese katana from Seki City, Gifu Prefecture. Born from a time of rich history, this distinctive sword is an ideal acquisition for enthusiasts desiring a special addition to their collection.

Modern Scabbard Meets Traditional Craftsmanship: A Unique Collectible

Though the original military sword mount is no longer in place, this exceptional blade now boasts a modern scabbard, harmoniously blending traditional and contemporary elements. The blade employs ridge line construction (shinogi-zukuri), which features a distinct ridge line (shinogi) that runs along the length of the blade, separating the flat portion (shinogi-ji) from the beveled edge (hira-ji). This results in the creation of a strong and sharp blade, making it one of the most common styles found in traditional Japanese swords, particularly katanas and tachis. By concentrating more material along the blade's spine, the sword becomes more rigid and resistant to bending or breaking, while the beveled edge allows for a sharper cutting surface.

The blade also utilizes a shallow peaked spine (Iori-mune), which is traditionally considered the back of the blade in Japanese sword making. The subtle peak of this sword results in a less pronounced spine, giving it a more refined appearance. The handle of this blade has an exposed wood grain texture for added aesthetic appeal.

This blade showcases a Pointed Gunome (togari-gunome) temper pattern on its cutting edge, which is a visible line resulting from the hardening process used in traditional Japanese sword-making. In togari-gunome, the temper line consists of small, pointed, and irregular peaks along the edge of the blade, resembling a wave with pointed peaks. This is a variation of the more common gunome pattern, which typically has semi-circular waves. Each gunome pattern is unique to the individual sword and reflects the skill of the swordsmith. A pointed pattern is typically a sign of high-level craftsmanship.

Ideal for those seeking to personalize their katana according to their individual tastes, this extraordinary piece by a renowned prewar swordsmith is truly a rare find. Embrace the essence of Japanese craftsmanship and make this exceptional katana an integral part of your collection today. Discover the unparalleled quality of Japanese-made cutlery and elevate your culinary experience with our range of exquisite chef knives.

 Length: 65.6 cm  Sword Curvature: 1.5 cm  Sword Hilt Rivets: 1  Width 32 mm
 Blade Thickness (base): 7.5 mm  Blade Width (tip): 22.0 mm  Blade Thickness (tip): 6.0 mm  Weight: 1105g


*Each katana sold on our site is one of a kind. Prior to fulfilling your order we will personally reach out to confirm your details and information.

Each Japanese sword is registered under the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan. Upon transfer of ownership, such as through a purchase on our site, a new registration paper must be issued for its owner to legally possess it. This registration paper serves to authenticate the origins of the blade.

To legally export a sword such as this from Japan to other countries, we will have to apply for a transfer of ownership permit from the Agency for Cultural Affairs and return the original registration paper to Cultural Affairs. This process normally takes 4 weeks. And so please be aware that it may take 1-1.5 months before you may receive your blade.

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