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The Samurai's Care Package: Complete Japanese Sword Maintenance Kit

The Samurai's Care Package: Complete Japanese Sword Maintenance Kit

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Preserve the beauty, functionality, and legacy of your Japanese swords with our all-in-one Samurai's Care Package. Designed with the true enthusiast in mind, this comprehensive maintenance kit provides everything you need to care for your prized blades. From the delicate task of oiling to the precise removal of rivets, our kit equips you with professional-grade tools crafted to honor the ancient art of swordsmanship.

Our Samurai's Care Package includes:

  1. Wiping Paper (For oil, for dusting powder): Specialized hosho paper designed to remove and apply oil, ensuring a gentle touch that preserves your blade's integrity.
  2. Dusting Powder: Fine grinding stone powder to aid in oil removal, essential for keeping your sword rust-free.
  3. Sword Oils:
    • Transparent oil (Mineral oil: liquid paraffin): A versatile oil for general maintenance.
  4. Oil Cloth (Oil Paper): For smooth and even application of oils, keeping your sword gleaming.
  5. Sword Rivet Remover: A must-have tool for disassembling your sword, enabling thorough cleaning.

Whether you're a seasoned collector, a practicing martial artist, or a beginner in the world of Japanese swords, the Samurai's Care Package is your gateway to proper sword care. Embrace the tradition and mastery that comes with owning a piece of history, and let our kit guide you in preserving the soul of your swords.

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