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Exquisite Authentic Japanese Katana with Three-Cedar Pattern and Gold-Cloud Dragon Tsuba

Exquisite Authentic Japanese Katana with Three-Cedar Pattern and Gold-Cloud Dragon Tsuba

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Authentic Japanese Katana with Unique Three-Cedar Pattern

Discover this authentic Japanese katana, featuring a shinogi-zukuri blade with an iori-mune spine and well-condensed itame grain. The unique three-cedar pattern hamon with a waist opening adds to its distinctiveness. The brown silk handle wrap and black lacquered scabbard beautifully complement the gold-colored cloud dragon design on the iron tsuba. Complete with a kogai motif for the decorative metal fittings (fuchigashira) and a 21.8 cm handle length, this katana weighs 920g when unsheathed. Enhance your collection with this exceptional piece that celebrates the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship.

 Length: 61.4 cm  Sword Curvature: 1.6 cm  Sword Hilt Rivets: 1  Width 30.0 mm
 Blade Thickness (base): 6.5 mm  Blade Width (tip): 20.0 mm  Blade Thickness (tip): 5.5 mm  Weight: 920g


*Each katana sold on our site is one of a kind. Prior to fulfilling your order we will personally reach out to confirm your details and information.

Each Japanese sword is registered under the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan. Upon transfer of ownership, such as through a purchase on our site, a new registration paper must be issued for its owner to legally possess it. This registration paper serves to authenticate the origins of the blade.

To legally export a sword such as this from Japan to other countries, we will have to apply for a transfer of ownership permit from the Agency for Cultural Affairs and return the original registration paper to Cultural Affairs. This process normally takes 4 weeks. And so please be aware that it may take 1-1.5 months before you may receive your blade.

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