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Hozan Showa Era Authentic Japanese Katana | Raikou Select

Hozan Showa Era Authentic Japanese Katana | Raikou Select

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Hozan Showa Era Authentic Japanese Katana

Step into the world of authentic Japanese martial arts with the Raikou Hozan Showa Era Katana. Crafted by the swordsmith Hozan, also known as Motoyoshi Yuji, this masterpiece from Saga Prefecture is a remarkable example of exquisite Japanese sword artistry.

This Katana, measuring 70.5 cm in length, is ideal for individuals of height 165-170cm. With a curvature (sori) of 1.6 cm, it balances perfectly in hand, and its relatively light weight ensures ease of use in martial arts practices. The blade features a Shinogi-zukuri (ridge-line blade shape), Iorimune (peaked back), Itame Hada (wood grain pattern), and Gunome (rounded) Hamon, with the Nakago (tang) left unfinished (Namazu).

The Katana is adorned with a pure silk black Tsukamaki (handle wrap) and a black Ishimeji (stone surface pattern) lacquer Saya (sheath). The Tsuba (handguard) exhibits a round iron design featuring a unique eagle feather motif, while the Fuchi Kashira (handle fittings) display a red copper base with a wave and bird design. The Menuki (handle ornaments) highlight a brass base with a dragon and peony design.

Constructed in 1975, the Raikou Hozan Showa Era Katana is a blend of tradition and functionality, designed for martial arts enthusiasts and collectors alike. The Raikou Hozan Showa Era Katana is as much an artistic masterpiece as it is a functional piece of martial arts weaponry. Whether you are a practitioner, a collector, or an enthusiast of Japanese culture, this Katana is a valuable addition to your collection.

Specification Value
Length 70.5 cm (2尺3寸3分)
Curvature (Sori) 1.6 cm (5 分)
Mekugi-Ana (peg hole) 1
Motohaba (base width) 32.0 mm
Motokasane (base thickness) 7.0 mm
Sakihaba (tip width) 23.0 mm
Sakikasane (tip thickness) 4.5 mm
Blade Shape (Sugata) Shinogi-zukuri, Iorimune
Jihada (skin steel) Itame (wood grain pattern)
Hamon (edge pattern) Gunome (rounded)
Boshi (tip pattern) Midarekomi (Irregular), Kaeri (Turn back)
Nakago (tang) Ubu (original)
Horimono (carvings) Hira-zukuri bo-hi (flat, with groove) ending in a kakinagashi (flowing pattern)
Era Showa 50 (1975)
Region Kumamoto Prefecture

External Decoration Description
Tsuka-ito (handle wrap) Pure silk black Tsukamaki
Saya (sheath) Black Ishimeji lacquer
Tsuba (handguard) Iron, round, eagle feather design
Fuchi/Kashira (handle fittings) Red copper, wave and bird design
Menuki (handle ornaments) Brass, dragon and peony design
Weight when unsheathed 920 g
Handle Length 7寸8分
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