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Japanese Cedar (Sugi) Cutting Board

Japanese Cedar (Sugi) Cutting Board

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ORIGINS: Developed in Japan, the Yoshino Sugi or Yoshino Cedar is a sustainably grown tree from the Yoshino area, near Osaka Japan. Originally grown for use in Japanese temples, the Yoshino cedar is famous for its robust heartwood which comes from the core of the tree and has a refined red hue throughout.

DESIGN: This cedar cutting board is designed with a soft surface that is easy on blades and naturally textured to be non-slip. The self-healing wood is light and quick drying properties that are unique to products made from red cedars.

QUALITY: The Yoshino cedar is a soft-wood that can maintain its shape despite being exposed to a variety of conditions. Japanese cedars are known for their longevity and the wood has traditionally been used in temples and homes that have stood for centuries. This is, in part, due to the cedar's natural resistance to warping and cracking. Each Raikou cutting board is made by hand by craftsmen living in Japan. While this limits how many we can produce, it also ensures that each cutting board is uniquely made, and one of a kind. Each with a slightly different grain and color that is not typically found in stores.

Properties: This light and agile cutting board measures 23 cm wide, 45 cm long and approximately 2.5 cm thick. It is crafted from straight grain heart wood which allows for its unique color and wonderful smell that will remind you of the fantastic cooking you have done through out the years. Once taken in the hand, you will be able to experience the splendor of this one of a kind cutting board.

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