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Serene Pines Makie Artisan iPhone 15 Case Black, Gold

Serene Pines Makie Artisan iPhone 15 Case Black, Gold

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  • Elegant Pine Tree Artwork: The case features a serene landscape of Japanese pine trees, symbolizing longevity and steadfastness.
  • Authentic Makie Technique: Skilled artisans apply traditional Makie methods, intricately layering lacquer and metallic powders by hand.
  • Durable and Lightweight: The polycarbonate material ensures durability without adding unnecessary weight to your device.
  • Lustrous Lacquer Finish: A glossy lacquer finish protects the artwork while enhancing the intricate details and depth of the scene.

Every detail of the Serene Pines Makie Artisan iPhone 15 Case reflects a peaceful segment of Japanese nature, making your phone a portable canvas of art. The rich texture and depth of the design, featuring the revered Japanese pine, invite a moment of peace amid the bustle of modern life. This case is more than an accessory; it is a personal retreat. Crafted through the revered Makie technique, where art meets craftsmanship, this case showcases the beauty of Japanese pines amid golden mist, creating a tactile experience that pleases the touch as much as the sight. The sturdy polycarbonate body, combined with a lacquered surface, offers your iPhone 15 the ultimate protection with a grip that is both secure and comfortable. Embrace the calm and beauty of Japanese nature with the Serene Pines Makie Artisan iPhone 15 Case—a protective haven for your device.

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