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Raikou Sharpening Service - Restore Your Knife's Original Sharpness

Raikou Sharpening Service - Restore Your Knife's Original Sharpness

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Overtime and with extended use, your knife’s blade will tend to get dull. We recommend sharpening your kitchen knives at least twice a year using the Raikou sharpening service. Unique to Japan, stone sharpening uses a traditional wheel grindstone to sharpen and polish your blade. This ancient practice uses circular whetstones to sharpen the edge of the blade and bring it back to its original sharpness.

Our sharpening begins with a circular whetstone sharpening which removes rough edges and minor chips from the edge of the blade. Each knife is different and requires precise control to ensure the edge and stone are aligned at the proper angle. Sharpening begins with refining the bevel until a delicate burr forms all along the the edge of the blade. Next we use a finishing stone to refine the edge into a smoother and sharper blade.

Any knife can be sharpened by Raikou Sharpening service.

After making a payment via this page please follow the instructions below to send us your knife for sharpening:

1) Wrap the blade in newspaper or thick paper to protect it during shipping.
2) Place the blade in a bubble wrapped envelope or in the original packaging and ship* to the following address

23-18 1-CHOME

*Return shipping is free

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