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Elegant Red Sandalwood Lacquered Double-Walled Cup

Elegant Red Sandalwood Lacquered Double-Walled Cup

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  • Revolutionary Spiral Polishing: Located at the base, the spiral polishing line is engineered to enhance foam creation, bringing out the best in your beer.
  • Mirror Finish: The interior top is graced with a mirror finish that not only adds a sparkle to your drink but also contributes to a finer, creamier foam for a superior sip every time.
  • Red Sandalwood Lacquer: Embracing the esteemed lacquering methods from Yamanaka, the stainless steel is treated with ‘Byakudan’ lacquer for a sumptuously warm touch, distinct from conventional metallic cups.
  • Color-Shifting Journey: Watch as the dark amber hues of the red sandalwood lacquer mature gracefully over time, influenced by the unique conditions of its surroundings.

Red Sandalwood Lacquered Cup – A Luxurious Touch to Your Drinking Experience Indulge in the epitome of drinking elegance with the Red Sandalwood Lacquered Cup. Expertly crafted with the majestic ‘Urushima’ technique, this cup is a harmonious blend of traditional lacquer artistry and sophisticated polishing technology. Each sip from this Red Sandalwood Cup is not just a drink; it's an experience. The lacquer finish delivers a touch of luxury, while the unparalleled polishing technique from Tsubame City ensures your drink is enjoyed just as intended. Over time, your lacquered cup will develop a unique patina, reflecting its shared journey with you, deepening your bond with every use. Enjoy the companionship of this red sandalwood lacquered cup, whether for beer or your beverage of choice. It promises a taste of satisfaction unmatched by any other.

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