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Hokusai Wave Makie Artisan iPhone 15 Case Black, Blue

Hokusai Wave Makie Artisan iPhone 15 Case Black, Blue

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  • Crafted with Excellence: Made of high-quality polycarbonate, this case is a lightweight guardian for your iPhone 15, weighing a mere 20g. It offers robust protection without adding bulk, ensuring your phone remains sleek and comfortable to hold.
  • Lacquered for Longevity: The surface is finished with a lustrous lacquer that not only enhances the visual appeal but also stands up to the rigors of daily use. This enduring surface treatment pays homage to centuries of Japanese artisanal tradition.
  • Makie Artistry: Employing the distinguished Makie technique, our artisans draw intricate patterns with lacquer and adorn them with metallic powder before it sets. This process results in a mesmerizing scene that brings to life the dynamic beauty of the iconic blue wave, reminiscent of Hokusai's masterpieces.
  • Gift Ready Presentation: Your iPhone 15 case comes in an elegant box weighing 60g, perfect for gifting or as a cherished new home for your device. The box reflects the same attention to detail and commitment to quality as the case within.

Step into the world of Japanese art every time you reach for your phone. This iPhone 15 case is more than a protective accessory; it's a slice of culture, an artifact that tells a story. Influenced by the legendary works of Hokusai, the blue wave design that adorns the case is not just an image but an invitation to ponder the power and beauty of nature. With each case, you hold a piece of tradition. The Makie technique, once reserved for the nobility, now elevates your iPhone to a piece of art. The gleam of the gold and silver powders under the lacquered surface dances in the light, offering a glimpse into a world where each moment is cherished and beauty is cultivated with patience and skill.

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